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Ladoga Lake
LAKE LADOGA. Located in Leningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia. In the Middle Ages, it was called Nevo (Baltic Finnish nevo = “moss marsh.”) The current name originates from the middle Scand. Aldoga (fm the Baltic Finnish Alodejogi = “the... more

"Ladoga Burial Mound", a memorial

Ladoga Canals, the
LADOGA CANALS. They connect the mouth of the Volkhov River and the head of the Neva, extending along the south coast of Lake Ladoga. There are two canals, Staroladozhsky and Novoladozhsky. The canal construction was urged by the necessity to have a... more

"Ladoga", A.A. Prokofyev prize
“LADOGA”, literature prize named after A.A. Prokofiev. It was established in 1998 on the initiative of Writers’ Union of Russia. The prize is awarded for creation of poems full of bright images and written with civic conscience, which continue and... more

"Ladoga", a newspaper
"Ladoga" (20 Krasnoflotskaya Street, Kirovsk Town), a social and political newspaper of the Kirovsk District. It has been published since January 1, 1978 as the organ of the Kirovsk Town Committee of KPSS (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)... more

Ladoga, town*, v. Staraya Ladoga, village

Ladva Rural Library, the

Ladva, group of villages
LADVA, a group of Veps villages in the south-eastern part of Podporozhye District. Located on the banks of the Oyat River and Lake Ladvinskoye. It consists of the villages of Vasilievskaya, Kazychenskaya, Makarievskaya, Minitskaya, Fyodorovskaya,... more

"Lady- Peasant Woman", holiday

Lakhti, a country estate

Lampovo, village
LAMPOVO, a village in Gatchina District. Population: 1500. First mentioned in 1715 when Crown Prince Alexei Petrovich who owned that land ordered to send sifted flour for the brewer “from Lampov village to Petersburg.” Possibly it was in Peter the... more

Larin, Paraske (1883/34-1904), a narrator of runes
Paraske Larin or Praskovia Nikitichna (Larina-Stepanova, née Nikitina) (1833/34, the Saint Petersburg Gubernia - 1904, Vaskela Village of the Vyborg Gubernia) was an Izhorian singer of runes and narrator. She was born in Miskyulya Village (it's the... more

Latviens (their own native name is Latvieshs) is an ethnic community forming a part of the population of the Leningrad Oblast. The Latvian language is related to the Baltic group of the Indo-European language family. The religious are Lutherans and... more

Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882-1957), clergy figure
Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882–1957), Finnish clergy figurehe studied theology at the Gelsingfor University (1905-08). From 1909 he was in Russia; he was pastor at the parish of Kotla (1910-13); then he was pastor at the parish of Ryabovo... more

Lava River, the
LAVA, a river in Kirovsk District. Length: 51 km. It flows out of the marshes that are situated to the east of the urban settlement of Nazia, and it flows into Lake Ladoga (Petrokrepost Bay.) The toponym is of a Baltic Finnish origin (Finnish.... more

Learning - Methodical Centre of Culture and Art of the Leningrad Oblast
THE LENINGRAD OBLAST EDUCATION AND METHODOLOGY CENTRE OF CULTURE AND ART (LO EMC CA) (15, B. Morskaya st., Spb). It was founded in 1939 as the Oblast House of Amateur Talent Activities, it was reorganized several times. The main purpose... more

Lebedev, Gleb Sergeyevich (1943-2003), a scientist
Lebedev, Gleb Sergeyevich (1943-2003, Staraya Ladoga Village), an archaeologist, a professor of the Leningrad/St. Petersburg University (1990). He graduated from the history faculty of the Leningrad State University in 1968, taught at the... more

Lebyazhenskaya children music school

Lebyazhskoye House of Culture

Lebyazhye Museum of Slavonic Peoples, the

Lebyazhye Rural Library, the

"Lebyazhye", water-marsh land

Lebyazhye, a country estate

Lebyazhye, urban settlement
LEBYAZHYE, an urban settlement in Lomonosov District. Population: 5,600. It is situated on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, where the Lebyazhka River flows into the gulf. It was established in 1966 by integrating the villages of... more

Leisure Centre "Tikhvin"

"lel of Tikhvin", a competition-festival of children choreogrphy groups
“TIKHVINSKY LEL” (“TIKHVIN LEL”), contest-festival of children’s dance groups. First it was held in 1991 in Tikhvin Town, gradually, it was transformed into a large-scale annual contest-festival of children’s amateur and folk art. The main... more

Lelyakov, Aleksey Grigoryevich (1930 - 1996), an architect
Aleksey Grigoryevich Lelyakov (1930-1996), an architect - park designer. A.G. Lelyakov graduated from the I.Ye. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1957. He was an expert of landscape architecture and the Head of the... more

Leningrad Oblast State University named after A.S. Pushkin
LENINGRAD OBLAST STATE UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER A.S. PUSHKIN (LOSU) (10, Peterburgskoye Highway, Pushkin Town). It was founded in 1992 as the State Leningrad Oblast Pedagogy Institute. Founders of the Institute were the Leningrad Oblast... more

Leningrad Gubernia*, v. Sankt-Peterburg Gubernia

Leningrad Oblast College of Culture and Art
LENINGRAD OBLAST COLLEGE OF CULTURE AND ART (LOCCA) ( 57а, Gorokhovaya st., StP). It is the oldest in Russia vocational school in the field of arts. The college was founded in 1938 as the Leningrad Oblast political education school N2, from 1960 –... more

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