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G.O. Graftio, monument to

Gadlo, Aleksandr Vilyamovich (1937-2002), a scholar
Aleksandr Vilyamovich Gadlo (1937-2002) was an ethnograph, archaeologist. In 1985 he became a Doctor of History. He graduated from the historical faculty of the Leningrad State University (1961) and was a student of the academician M.I.Artamonov. He... more

"Gamayun", a newspaper

"Games of Yegory", a holiday

"Gandsons of Grandmother", Russian-Finnish Puppet Theatre

"Gardarika", a radio station
«GARDARICA»,Radio House,limited (liability) company (Saint Petersburg.,Smolnogo street,3). Government radio station of Leningrad Oblast. It was founded in 1993. Apart from towns and districts of Leningrad oblast (Priozersk ,Vyborg,Luga,Kingisepp... more

Gatchina Central District Library named after A.S. Pushkin
GATCHINA CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY named after A.S. Pushkin (Gatchina Town, 15a Zvereva Street). Founded in April 1944. Since 1985 it has been in charge of centralized library system including all libraries of the district; since 2006 it has had the... more

Gatchina Central Town Library named after A.I. Kuprin
GATCHINA CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY NAMED AFTER A.I. KUPRIN (Gatchnina Town, 17 Volodarsky Street). Since 1899 in Gatchina Town operated a public library at the Town Committee on Care for Public Sobriety. In 1919 it received the collection of Gatchina... more

Gatchina children art school

Gatchina children arts school

Gatchina children music school named after M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov
GATCHINA CHILDREN’S MUSICAL SCHOOL NAMED AFTER M.M. IPPOLITOV-IVANOV (66, Chkalova st., Gatchina Town). It was founded in 1930, it is the oldest children’s musical school in the Leningrad Oblast. Since 1939 it bears a name of M.M.... more

Gatchina District
GATCHINA DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 111,600. Area: 2850.3 sq. km. Established in 1927. Due to renaming of Gatchina Town, it was called Trotsk District in 1927-29, and Krasnogvardeisk District in 1929-44.Gatchina district borders with... more

Gatchina District coat of arms and flag, the
The Gatchina District's coat of arms and flag are official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Gatchinsky Rayon” (The Gatchina District) (they were approved with the decision of the Soviet of Deputies of the Municipal Union “Gatchinskiy Rayon”... more

Gatchina House of Culture

"Gatchina Info" ("Information Bulletin of Gatchina Town"), a newspaper

Gatchina Menagerie, the

Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble, the
The Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble. It is an architectural sight and garden-and -park monument of the 18-19th centuries of federal importance. The ensemble is included in the State Palace-and-Park and Art-and-Historic Culture Preserve... more

Gatchina town cemetery, the
The Gatchina yown cemetery (the town of Gatchina, Solodukhin Street). The first town cemetery founded at the Gatchina Posad in the second half of the 18th century, was not intacted. It was located in the town boundaries, and in 1849 the decision... more

Gatchina Town Children Library, the
THE GATCHINA TOWN CHILDREN LIBRARY (Gatchina Town, No 8 Kirgetov Street). Founded in 1945. The library took over from Trotsk (Gatchiha Town) Uyezd Central Children Library that functioned in 1920s. The fund contains 52,000 storage units, with 6,000... more

Gatchina Town coat of arms, the
The Gatchina Town's coat of arms is the official approved heraldic emblem (it was approved with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipality of Gatchina Town of 4 October 1995, No.15 and resolution of Municipal Union “Gorod... more

Gatchina Town Museum of the Local History, the
The Gatchina Town Museum of the Local History was founded in 1967. Till 1978 it was placed in the Priorate Palace halls. Materials on Gatchina Town history, about the town architectural sights, about the development of aviation, events of World... more

Gatchina youth creativity centre

"Gatchina", a newspaper

"Gatchina", the State Museum-Reserve
"Gatchina", the Historical and Artistic, Palace and Park Museum Reserve (the town of Gatchina, Yekaterinverdsky Prospekt No.1). It was founded in 1918 when the Gatchina Palace and the Palace Park with buildings were opened for visiting. A.N... more

Gatchina, town
GATCHINA (Trotsk in 1923-27, Krasnogvardeisk in 1927-44), a town in Leningrad Oblast, adm. center of Gatchina District. Population: 82,900 (the largest town in the Leningrad Oblast.) First mentioned in the Novgorod scribe roll of 1499 -1500 as... more

Gatchino, town*, v. Gatchina, town

"Gatchinskaya nedelya" ("The Week of Gatchina"), a newspaper

"Gatchinskaya pravda" ("Gatchina Truth"), a newspaper
"Gatchinskaya pravda" ("The Gatchina Truth") (15 Khokhlob Street, Gatchina Town), a social and political newspaper of Gatchina Town and the Gatchina District. It was founded on May 15, 1931, as the organ of the Town Committee of VKP(b) (Communist... more

"Gatchinsky Listok" ("Gatchina Bulletin"), a newspaper

Gavriil (Petrov-Shaposhnikov) (1730-1801), metropolitan, clergy figure
Gavriil (Petr Petrovich Petrov-Shaposhnikov; 1730-1803), a metropolitan, clergy figure. P.P. Petrov-Shaposhnikov was born in the famoly of a priest, in 1753 he was graduated from the Slave-Greek-Latin Academy in Moscow. Since 1754 he worked in the... more

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