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Alyokhovshchina Rural Library, the

ARCHIVES Archival work in the oblast is in charge of Archival Committee of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad oblast, which is a subdivision of St Petersburg City Government and the Government of the Leningrad oblast. The Committee was founded ... more

Boksitogorsk Central Library, the
BOKSITOGORSK TOWN CENTRAL LIBRARY ( 5 Komsomolskaya Street, Boksitogorsk Town ). It was founded in 1952. In 1976 it was put in charge of centralized system incorporating the region libraries. Since 2006 it has been the central town library. Its... more

Boksitogorsk Children Library, the

Bolshaya Izhora Settlement Library, the

Bolshaya Vruda Rural Library, the

Bolshoy Sabsk Rural Library, the

Boris Vladimirovich Bank (1900-1984), a scientist
BANK, BORIS VLADIMIROVICH (1900 – 1984), expert in library science and reader audience research. Candidate of pedagogical sciences (1969). Since 1919 he worked in Public Library in Petrograd, in 1921 he finished higher library science school at the... more

Budogoshch Settlement Library, the

Central Navy Archive, the
THE CENTRAL NAVY ARCHIVE of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TSVMA) (2 Yekaterinverdersky Prospekt, Gatchina Town). Founded in 1938 in Moscow as archival department of the Executive Office of People’s Commissariat of Navy of the... more

Children libraries
CHILDREN’S LIBRARIES Before 1917 libraries for children in the Saint Petersburg Gubernia were mainly libraries at secondary public colleges, parish schools, etc. Children formed a substantial (about 60 to 70 per cent) part of the reader audience in... more

Druzhnaya Gorka Rural Library, the

Dubrovka Rural Children Library, the

Fornosovo Settlement Library, the

Gatchina Central District Library named after A.S. Pushkin
GATCHINA CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY named after A.S. Pushkin (Gatchina Town, 15a Zvereva Street). Founded in April 1944. Since 1985 it has been in charge of centralized library system including all libraries of the district; since 2006 it has had the... more

Gatchina Central Town Library named after A.I. Kuprin
GATCHINA CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY NAMED AFTER A.I. KUPRIN (Gatchnina Town, 17 Volodarsky Street). Since 1899 in Gatchina Town operated a public library at the Town Committee on Care for Public Sobriety. In 1919 it received the collection of Gatchina... more

Gatchina Town Children Library, the
THE GATCHINA TOWN CHILDREN LIBRARY (Gatchina Town, No 8 Kirgetov Street). Founded in 1945. The library took over from Trotsk (Gatchiha Town) Uyezd Central Children Library that functioned in 1920s. The fund contains 52,000 storage units, with 6,000... more

Gostilitsi Rural Library, the
THE GOSTILITSI VILLAGE LIBRARY (Gostilitsi Village). The present-day village library took over from free library for peasants and their children that was open in Gostilitsi Village in 1896 on the initiative and with financial support of T. B.... more

Gukova, Lyubov Ivanovna, (1929-1998), a librarian
Lyubov Ivanovna GUKOVA (1929, Kirishi Town – 1998, Vyborg Town), librarian. She graduated from library college in Leningrad (1950), and then got a degree of Leningrad State Library Institute named after N. K. Krupskaya (1954). Since 1952 she worked... more

Gurina, Agnessa Aleksandrovna, (1938-2005), a librarian
Agnessa Aleksandrovna GURINA (1938 – 2005), librarian. In 1962 she graduated from Leningrad State Library Institute named after N. K. Krupskaya. From 1965 to 1974 she was in charge of science-and-methodological department of the Leningrad Oblast... more

Ionova, Nina Yefimovna, (1925-1995), a librarian
Nina Yefimovna IONOVA (1925 – 1975, Volkhov Town), library worker. In 1949 N. Y. Ionova graduated from Moscow Library Institute. From 1949 to 1975 she was in charge of Volkhov Town children library. Under her supervision the library won the title... more

Isakova, Anna Fyodorovna, (1923-2004), a librarian
Anna Fyodorovna ISAKOVA (1923 – 2004, Sanino Village, Lomonosov District), librarian. From 1958 through 2004 A. F. Isakova was permanently in charge of Babigonskaya village library (Nizino Village, Lomonosov District). In that period the library... more

Issad Rural Library, the

Ivangorod Central Library, the
THE IVANGOROD CENTRAL LIBRARY (Ivangorod Town, 24 Kingiseppskoye Shosse).It was founded in 1948. From 1977 to 1992 it was part of Kingisepp centralized library system, since 1992 it has had the status of autonomous library. Its general-purpose... more

Ivanovskoye Settlement Rural Library, the

Kazutova, Lyubov Afanasyeva, (1899-1984), a librarian
Lyubov Afanasyevna KAZUTOVA (1899 – 1984), Communist Party worker, from 1947 to 1961 she was the director of the Leningrad Oblast Universal Science Library (LOUSL). Since 1919 she worked as a Communist Party and Soviet Government functionary in... more

Kikerino Rural Library, the

Kingisepp Central District Library, the

Kingisepp Children Library, the
THE KINGISEPP CHILDREN LIBRARY (Kingisepp Town, 4a Karl Marx Prospekt), it is the branch No 26 of town central library network. The Kingisepp Uyezd central children library has operated since the 1920s. After the city was liberated from the Nazi... more

Kingisepp Town Library, the
THE KINGISEPP TOWN LIBRARY (Kingisepp Town, 30 Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street). It was founded in 1905 as zemstvo popular library, with active participation of count Georgy Nikolayevich Sivers and Pyotr Petrovich Zaltzer. In August 1941 the library... more

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