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"Ladoga", a newspaper

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"Ladoga" (20 Krasnoflotskaya Street, Kirovsk Town), a social and political newspaper of the Kirovsk District. It has been published since January 1, 1978 as the organ of the Kirovsk Town Committee of KPSS (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) and the Town Soviet. In 1991 the newspaper was re-registered as the organ of the local administration and the work collective. On present days the newspaper founders are the Leningrad Oblast Committee for Information Policy and Telecommunication, the Kirovsk District Administration, the Publishing House "Ladoga". The newspaper is published three times a week, its circulation is 4.3 thousand copies, the circulation of Saturday issue is 5.3 thousand copies. The newspaper is distributed in the Kirovsk District in Otradnoye Town, Kirovsk Town, Shlisselburg Town. The materials about the district and local authorities work, about forming the local self-administration, about developing the small-scale and middle-scale business and others are published in the newspaper. There are some supplements for the newspaper: "In a Garden and Kitchen-garden…" (the supplement for summer residents and grdeners), "The Youth Eye - MOLOKO" (for senior pupils), "Heralds of Town and Rural Settlements", "The Neva River Banks" (the literary leaflet of the Literary Club of the same name under the newspaper editorial offices). There are columns on the local history: "The Point on the District Map" (about the history of villages), "Far and Close" (the history of the Shlisselburg uyezd, the South Ladoga Lake Area). The newspaper was many-times awarded with diplomas of the Leningrad Oblast Legislative Assembly and Government more than once, it got prizes at professional competitions.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

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