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Darwin, monument to

"Dawns of Vladimir Town", festival of authors' songs

Day of the culture field employees of the Leningrad Oblast, a holiday
THE DAY OF THE LENINGRAD OBLAST CULTURE WORKERS, a professional holiday established by resolution N548-rg issued on the 2nd of November 2001 by the Leningrad Oblast Governor. It is celebrated on the last Friday of November. Festivities are held in... more

"Day of the Leningard Oblast", holiday of the oblast (region)
“DEN LENINGRADSKOY OBLASTY” (“THE DAY OF THE LENINGRAD OBLAST”), the oblast holiday. It is celebrated in the beginning of August (The resolution about the establishment of the Leningrad Oblast was issued by the Soviet Central Executive... more

"Days of Music", festival at the Rimsky-Korsakov Museum

Demidov N.N., monument to
The monument to N.N. Demidov. It was opened in the village of Chirkovitsi of the Yamburg uyezd (now it is the Volosovo district) in 1838. It was erected in the area of the Church of the Holy Face (it was rebuilt in 1862-1868 on the project of the... more

"Derevenskaya gazeta" ("Village newspaper"), a newspaper

Divino, a country estate

"Divya", a newspaper
"Divya" (17a Sixth catchment area, Tikhvin town), an information- analytical and advertising newspaper. It has been published from October 18, 1995. The newspaper founder is S.N. Yemelyanov. "Divya" is one of the first private newspapers in the... more

DK JSC "Zavod "Slantsy" Puppet Theatre (The Puppet Theatre of the House of Culture of the Joint - Stock Company "Zavod "Slantsy")

DK "Builder" Theatre (The Theatre of the House of Culture "Builder")

DK "Carnival" Theatre, the

DK "Kirnef" Theatre (Theatre of "Kirnef" House of Culture), the

Dmitriyev, Nikolay Vsevolodovich (1856- 1918), an architect
Nikolay Vsevolodovich Dmitriyev (1856–1918), an architect, civil engineer, public man, businessman. He was a nobleman from the Simbirsk Gubernia. He graduated the St. Petersburg Building College in 1876. Among St. Petersburg buildings built by... more

Dmitriyevsky, Ivan Afanasyevich (1736-1821), an actor
DMITRIYEVSKY, Ivan Afanasyevich (the real name was Narykov) (1736–1821), actor, director, teacher, translator, playwright, theatre historian, full member of Russian Academy of Sciences. He graduated from a Seminary in Yaroslavl City (1751). Since... more

Dolengo-Khodakovsky, Zorian (Adam Charnotsky) (1784-1825), a scientist
Dolengo-Khodakovsky, Zorian (the real name is Adam Charnotsky) (1784-1825), a Polish archaeologist, a founder of the scientific Slavonic philology, a researcher and expert on Slav antiquities. In 1811 he joined the army of Napoleon and participated... more

Domkino, a country estate
Domkino, a country estate (Domkino, the Luga District). In the 18th century the village was owned to the Neplyuyevs. In 1802 they sold it to the tax-farmer M.A. Kusovnikov. He built a wooden manor-house on the shore of Lake Vrevo (the house was... more

"Domovushka", a folk art studio
“DOMOVUSHKA”, folk studio (25, Lenina av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). Children’s folk studio of applied arts has been working since 1995 at Municipal Culture Institution “Park Svirskoy Pobedy ” (“Park of Victory at Svir Settlement”). The studio is aimed... more

"Dontso", an terrain area
"Dontso", an terrain feature. It is located in the Volosov District in the territory of the region complex natural monument “Istoki reki Oredeg v urochihe Dontso” (The source of the River Oredezh in the terrain feature of Dontso). This natural... more

Drainage network
HYDROGRAPHIC NETWORK. Over 19500 rivers and 1800 lakes (Ladoga and Onega being the largest ones) form the H. N. of the Leningrad Oblast. The river network is dense and ramified. One exception is the Izhora Hills where the river network density is... more

"Drama Sketch", a theatre festival

Drama Theatre at Liteiny Pr.
DRAMA THEATRE AT LITEINY PR., regional theatre (51 Liteiny Pr., SPb.), until 1990 known as the Theatre of Drama and Comedy. It was opened in 1945 as a youth Teatre-studio under the direction of Wiener A.B. and didn't have it's own building. From... more

"Dreamers", a puppet theatre

Druzhnaya Gorka Rural Library, the

Druzhnaya Gorka, urban settlement
DRUZHNAYA GORKA, an urban settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 3,700. The settlement appeared in the early 19th century close to the Druzhnaya Gorka glass factory founded by German businessmen Rittings in 1801. The factory became especially... more

Druzhnogorsk House of Culture

Druzhnoselye, a country estate
Druzhnoselye, a country estate (the settlement of Druzhnoselye, the Gatchina district). The first owners of Druzhnoselye, who gave the name to it, were sisters Yelizaveta and Karolina Zelbereizen, inspectors of the Smolny Institute. In 1799 Paul I... more

Dubno, village
DUBNO, a village in Volkhov District. Population: 38. It is located 18 km away from Novaya Ladoga town, to which D. is subordinated administratively. It is located on the Staroladozhsky and Novoladozhsky Canals at the southern coast of Lake Ladoga.... more

Dubrovka Rural Children Library, the

Dubrovka, urban settlement
DUBROVKA, an urban settlement in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 5,400. It is situated on the right bank of the Neva near Nevskaya Dubrovka railway station. The settlement was founded at a sawmill and paper mill in 1911. Currently, the core... more

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