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"Cameo", a concert group
“KAMEYA” (“CAMEO”), concert group. It was founded in October 1994 on the base of agitation and culture groups under the Tosno District local authorities Culture Department . The repertoire of the group includes songs written by Soviet and Russian... more

"Candle", a theatre -studio

"Carnival", city culture centre

"Carousel", a puppet theatre

Cartesius, monument to

Catholity. The Catholic churches were in Novgorod and Ladoga in the North-West of Russia during the Kievan Rus. In 1293 the chapel were built in the Vyborg Fortress which was founded by Swedes, from 1351 it became the parish church of St Olaf. ... more

""Celebrate, native villiage", a festival

Celebration in honour of the Day of Workers of the Metallurgy Industry

Cemeteries. The history of cemeteries on the modern Leningrad Oblast territory has not studied practically yet. The reiterated devastation these lands during the wars led to the destruction of many graves and tombstones.... more

Cemetery ( Metsyakulya Village)

Cemetery (Monastyrki Village)

Cemetery (Myshkino Village)

Central Navy Archive, the
THE CENTRAL NAVY ARCHIVE of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TSVMA) (2 Yekaterinverdersky Prospekt, Gatchina Town). Founded in 1938 in Moscow as archival department of the Executive Office of People’s Commissariat of Navy of the... more

Centre of culture, leisure and creativity (Communat Town)

Centre of Izhora Culture, the

Centre of the Veps folklore, the
The Centre of the Veps folklore (Vinnitsi Village, Podporozhsky District) was made in the local culture house. It is situated in the two-storeyed wooden building. The tasks of the Centre of the Veps folklore are keeping the Veps language and... more

Charlemagne, Iosif Iosifovich (1782 - 1861), an architect
Charlemagne, Iosif Iosifovich (1782 - 1861), an architect, artist. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1803, was a student of the architect Ch. Cameron. Charlemagne was the assistant of the architect L. Ruska and after 1817 he... more

"Cheerful Showbooth", a musical puppet theatre

"Cheese Sunday", a folk holiday

Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man
Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man, traveller. In 1766 he finished the Page Corps. Chelishchev together with the group of graduates (A.N. Radishchev was among them) were sent to the Leipzig University. In 1770 he returned into... more

Cheremenetsky Monastery of St. John the Theologian
The Cheremenetsky Monastery of St. John the Theologian (the locality of Cheremenets, the Luga district). The monastery was founded in 1478 according to the order of Ioann III on an island of Cheremenetsky Lake. In the second half of the 16th... more

"Cheremenetsky", a reserve

Cherepovets Gubernia, the
CHEREPOVETS GUBERNIA, adm. and territorial unit with the center in the city of Cherepovets in the North-West of Russia in the early 20th century. The resolution to establish C. G. was adopted in 1918 at the meeting of representatives of five... more

Cherkasov, Nikolay Konstantinovich (1903- 1966), an actor
CHERKASOV, Nikolay Konstantinovich (1903–1966), theatre and cinema actor, public figure. In the period 1923-26 he studied at the Institute of Stage Arts (modern Theatre Academy), in the class under guidance of S.E. Radlova. In the period 1926-29 he... more

Chernyshevsky, Nikolay Gavrilovich (1828-1889), a literary man
Chernyshevsky, Nikolay Gavrilovich (1828-1889), a writer, publicist, critic, philosopher. Chernyshevsky graduated from the St.Petersburg Iniversity History and Philology Faculty in 1850 and defended the master's thesis "Esteticheskiye otnosheniya... more

Chervyakov, Yevgeny Veniaminovich (1899 - 1942), actor, man of letters
CHERVYAKOV, Yevgeny Veniaminovich (1899 – 1942, Mga Urban Settlement , Kirovsk District), director, actor, scriptwriter, writer of political essays. In 1918 he graduated from drama studio in Ufa City, in 1927 he graduated from Moscow Cinema College... more

Chesme Obelisk, the
The town of Gatchina.

Children Art Schools
CHILDREN’S ARTS SCHOOLS (CAS). In the last years Children’s Musical Schools (CMS) and Children’s Painting Schools (CPS) have had a growing tendency for unification into Children’s Arts Schools (CAS). By 2007 the Leningrad oblast had had 104 CAS,... more

Children creativity centre (Priozersk Town)

Children libraries
CHILDREN’S LIBRARIES Before 1917 libraries for children in the Saint Petersburg Gubernia were mainly libraries at secondary public colleges, parish schools, etc. Children formed a substantial (about 60 to 70 per cent) part of the reader audience in... more

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