Hannibal, Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich (1697 - 1781), an architect, military figure
Abram (Ibragim) Petrovich Hannibal (1697-1781, Suida of the Sofia uezd of At. Petersburg Gubernia), a military engineer. According to one information he was born in Cameroon, according to another data he was born in Eritrea (Ethiopia) and was a son... more

Hard af Segerstad, Karl Adams Nils Gabriel (1873 - 1931), an architect
Hard af Segerstad, Karl Adams Nils Gabriel (1873 - 1931), an architect. In 1895 Hard af Segerstad graduated from the Politechnic Institute in Helsingfors (Helsinki). During 1901-1907 he worked at the Vyborg Gubernia Building Board. The Covered... more

"Heather", Russian folk centre
“VERESK” (“HEATHER”), Russian Folk Centre (16 ,Sovetskaya st., Vyborg Town). It was founded in 1999 on the base of the same name folk group (organized in 1982). Since the day of foundation creative director has been Y.S. Liubitskaya. The main... more

Heraldry of the Leningrad Oblast, the
The Heraldry of the Leningrad Oblast originated from the 15th century and is one of the oldest in the Russian Federation. In the historical-heraldic respect, the territory of the modern Leningrad Oblast is divided into three parts: Karelian Isthmus,... more

"Heritage", a theatre

"Heroic Defenders of Volhov Town", monument to

HIGHWAYS, hard-surface motor (formerly cart) roads. Russia’s first H. was the Moscow-St. Petersburg route across the territory of today’s Leningrad Oblast built in 1817-1835 (and reconstructed in 1946-61.) Currently, five motor routes of the federal... more

"Hill of Glory", memorial

Historic-memorial Museum-Estate of P.E. Shcherbov, the
The historic and memorial museum - estate of P.E. Shcherbov (Gatchina Town, 4 Chekhov Street) was founded on 10 April 1992. The museum was placed in the artest-caricaturist P.E. Shcherbov's former estate which is one of the best memorials of the... more

History and Ethnography Museum, the (Museum Wiburgense) (the town of Vyborg)

Holiday culture of the Leningard Oblast
THE LENINGRAD OBLAST CULTURE OF FESTIVITIES. Festivity is an impressive demonstration of national culture and has deep personal and social sense. The Leningrad Oblast Government worked out a special-purpose program of festivity arrangement.... more

Holiday of Luzhitsa Village

Holidays of songs v. Folk art

Hollow mound

Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Aleksandr of Svir, the
The Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Alexander of Svir (the village of Staraya Sloboda/ Svirskoye, the Lodeynoye Pole district). The monastery was founded by Venerable Alexander Svirsky. In 1484 he settled in a forest area nearby the Svir River in... more

Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Antony Dymsky, the
The Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Anthony Dymsky (the settlement of Bronevik, the Boksitogorsk district) is one of the ancientest in the Saint Petersburg eparchy. It was founded by Venerable Anthony Dymsky (according to a version of the... more

House of Culture "Almaz" ( Kuznechnoye)

House of Culture "Yubileiny" (Kuznechnoye Urban Settlement)

Houses and Palaces of Culture
CENTRES OF SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (HOUSES AND PALACES OF CULTURE), cultural and educational institutions similar to clubs, the main aims of the centres are: to serve as social, cultural, educational, health and entertaining centres... more