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Central Navy Archive, the
THE CENTRAL NAVY ARCHIVE of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TSVMA) (2 Yekaterinverdersky Prospekt, Gatchina Town). Founded in 1938 in Moscow as archival department of the Executive Office of People’s Commissariat of Navy of the... more

Municipal Archives
MUNICIPAL ARCHIVES, archival departments of municipal district administrations. They perform the two tasks of doing archival work for the territory of municipal districts and of functioning as municipal archives. The archives were founded in the... more

St. Petersburg State Film-Photo Documents Archive, the

St. Petersburg State Historical and Political Documents Archive, the

St. Petersburg State Scientific Documents Archive, the

St. Petersburg Central State Historic Archive, the

The Leningrad Oblast State Archive in Vyborg
LENINGRAD OBLAST STATE ARCHIVE IN VYBORG (LOGAV) (the town of Vyborg, 1 Shturm Street) Formed in 1940 as branch of Central State Archive of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Karelo-Finn Soviet Socialist Republic ; in 1951 renamed... more

Tikhvin District Archive, the