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The digital encyclopaedia "Culture of the Leningrad Oblast". The science popular digital encyclopaedia "Culture of the Leningrad Oblast" is for general public: children, students, lecturers, employees of culture organizations and travel agencies,... more

"Alaborg", a regional centre on searching and preserving cultural treasures.

Bakhtin, Vladimir Solomonovich (1923-2001), a scientist
Bakhtin, Vladimir Solomonovich (1923-2001), a scientist, specialist in folklore and in study of literature, writer. Bakhtin graduated from the philological faculty of the Leningrad State University in 1950. From 1950 till 1953 he worked in the... more

Berednikov, Yakov Ivanovich (1793-1854), a scientist
Berednikov, Yakov Ivanovich (1793-1854, Tikhvin), a poet, archive manager, historian, academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1841). Berdnikov spent his childhood in Tikhvin Town where his parents lived. He graduated the Tikhvin... more

Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man
Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man, traveller. In 1766 he finished the Page Corps. Chelishchev together with the group of graduates (A.N. Radishchev was among them) were sent to the Leipzig University. In 1770 he returned into... more

"Globus" ("The Globe"), a children's geography anthology

"Granges and Muses", a local history collection
"Granges and Muses", a local history collection, a bulletin of the Vsevolozhsk Museum of Local History. The collection founder and publisher was M.S. Ratnikov, the Head of the museum. From 1992 to 2005 13 issues was published with the circulation... more

"Informational and Tourist Centre"
"Informational and Tourist Centre", the Leningrad Oblast state institute (LOGU "ITTs"; SPb, 15 Bolshaya Morskaya Street). It was found in October 2002 and put under the supervision of the Leningrad Oblast Government Physical Training, Sport,... more

Kalinin, Mikhail Alekseyevich (1927-1973), a scientist
Kalinin, Mikhail Alekseyevich (1927, the village of Vyalgino of the Tikhvin district -1973, Boksitogorsk Town), a local historian, enlightener. M.A. Kalinin graduated from the Tikhvin Teacher's Training School in 1946. He studied at the Leningrad... more

Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich (1925-1997), a scientist
Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich (1925-1997, Vyborg Town), a local historian. Kepp was born in Peterhof Town of the Petrograd Gubernia in the family of originates from Germany. From 1941 till 1944 Kepp stayed on the occupied territory. In 1944 Ye.Ye. Kepp... more

Kislovsky (Kislovskoy), Sergey Vladimirovich (1897-1976), a scientist
Kislovsky (Kislovskoy), Sergey Vladimirovich (1897-1976), a scientist-geographer, an expert in toponymy, local historian. During the 1920s Kislovsky took an active part in the local history study movement in the Kashin uyezd of the Tver Gubernia and... more

Kolmogorov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1822), a scientist
Kolmogorov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1822), an archaeologist, ethnographer, anthropologist, full member of the Society of Natural History, Archaeology and Ethnography Lovers (1906), Master of Geography and Ethnography (1908), professor (1918). ... more

"Konnetabl", a bulletin of VOOPIiK (the All-Union Society of Protection of History and Culture Monuments

Krenke, Viktor Danilovich (1816-1893), a military figure, a scientist
Krenke, Viktor Danilovich (1816-1893, the estate of Perekhodi, the moder Boksitogorsk district), a military figure, an enlightener, engineer lieutenant-general. Krenke finished the Paul's Military School in 1834 and was taken into the Engineer... more

"Kyakiyalmi-Korela-Keksgolm-Priozersk: vchera, segodnya, zavtra" ("Kyakiyalmi-Korela-Keksgolm-Priozersk: yesterday, today, tomorrow", a local history conference.

Leningrad Society of the Local Region Study, the
The Leningrad Society of the Local Region Study (LOIMK), a local history study public organization. It was founded in the early 1920s. In 1922 LOIMK together with the Moscow Society of the Local History Study were included in the Central Agency of... more

Local History Editions
Local History editions, on single districts and towns belonged to the Leningrad Oblast on the present days, began to publish in the end of the 19th century. Originally materials on the history of the oblast were published in "Gubernskiye novosyi"... more

"Luzhsky Rayon" ("Luga District"), a local history anthology

Mordvinov, Isaaky Petrovich (1871-1925), a literary man, scientist
Mordvinov, Isaaky Petrovich (1871, Tikhvin Town -1925, Tikhvin Town), a local historian, literary man, enlightener. From 1885 Mordvinov worked as a volost clerk in the Bolshegorsky volost of the Tikhvin uyezd. V.D. Krenke has the great ... more

"Novaya volna" ("The New Wave"), a youth union

"Oredezh", an anthology
"Oredezh", a literary and local historic anthology (Gatchina Town). The founder of the anthology is the administration of the Gatchina district. From 2000 to 2005 three issues of the anthology have been published with the circulation 1000 copies.... more

"Ozerny Kray" ("The Lake District"), an anthology on literature and local history
"Ozerny Kray" ("The Lake District"), an anthology on literature and local history (Novaya Ladoga Town). V.V. Petrov is the chief editor and compiler of the anthology (his pseudonym is Petr Kamchaty"). The anthology was named in the memory of the... more

"Pamyat Baltiki" ("The Memory of the Baltic Sea"), a society

"Pamyatniki Otechestva" ("Memorials of the Fatherland"), an anthology

Popov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1899-1973), a scientist
Popov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1899-1973), a mathematician, philologist, expert in toponymy, philosopher. A.I. Popov became a candidate of physico-mathematical science in 1938, Doctor of History in 1947, professor in 1949, Corresponding Member of the... more

"Priorat", an information and local historic bulletin
"Priorat", an information and local historic bulletin of Gatchina Town and the district branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of History and Culture Monuments (VOOPIiK). From 1986 to 1990 the bulletin was published as a topic page in... more

"Pustomelzha District is My Native Land" , a local history club

"Red Pathfinders", a local history study movement
"Red Pathfinder" is a local history study movement. It has arisen in the second half of the 1960s among school-children and students. The newspaper "Leninskiye Iskri" ("Lenin's Sparks", L.) became the initiator of the movement, later it became an... more

Reference and statistic editions of the Leningrad Oblast (St. Petersburg Gubernia) and St. Petersburg eparchy.
Reference and statistic editions of the Leningrad Oblast (St. Petersburg Gubernia) and St. Petersburg eparchy. The gubernia and oblast. The first gubernia reference edition was "Opisaniye Sanktpeterburg. Gub. Po uyezdam I stanam" ("The... more

Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich (1918-1995), a scientist
Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich (1918-1995), a historian, Doctor of History from 1965. From 1936 till 1941 Shaskolsky attended the history faculty of the Leningrad State University. During the studies Shaskolsky's scientific interest sphere was... more

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