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"Heather", Russian folk centre

Subject / Art/Music, theatre

“VERESK” (“HEATHER”), Russian Folk Centre (16 ,Sovetskaya st., Vyborg Town). It was founded in 1999 on the base of the same name folk group (organized in 1982). Since the day of foundation creative director has been Y.S. Liubitskaya. The main purpose of the Centre is to preserve Russian folklore and revive folk traditions. The Centre unites 9 creative groups, including several children’ groups (singing and dancing group “Zvonkiye Guselky” (“Little Ringing Psaltery”), folk studio “Veresok” (“Little Heather”)). The Centre houses art-studio “Prazdnik” (“Holiday”), which organizes festive dramatized shows based on folk ceremonies (“Prishla, Kolyada” (“Here is a Christmas Carol”), “Zelenye Sviatky” (“Green Christmastide”), etc.), it revives traditions of folk puppet shows of the Nativity. At present about 300 people attend the Centre. The folk group “Veresk” (“Heather”) is a prize-winner of a lot of regional as well as international festivals in Finland, Poland, Italy, Spain, France and other European countries. Since 2002 the Centre specialists have been giving folk and ethnographic classes “Zemlya Leningradskaya. Narodnoye Tvorchestvo.” (“Leningrad Land. Folk Arts.”) in Vyborg Town schools.

Illarionova, Irina Nikolayevna

Lyubitskaya, Yelena Sergeyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Sovetskaya Street

Самсонова М. «Вереск» идет к истокам // Область культуры. 2003. № 6., 12-13
Смирнова В. Там, где цветет «Вереск». URL:, 12-13

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