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"Cameo", a concert group

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“KAMEYA” (“CAMEO”), concert group. It was founded in October 1994 on the base of agitation and culture groups under the Tosno District local authorities Culture Department . The repertoire of the group includes songs written by Soviet and Russian composers, folk songs and ballad songs. The concert group gave concerts in different settlements of the district. In 1996 the group was on tour in the towns of the Leningrad Oblast, Krasnodar City, the Krasnodar Oblast and also in the Republic of Adygei where the concert group was a representative of the Leningrad Oblast talents. In 2004 “Cameo” soloist Mikhail Repin won the first prize at the variety festival-contest for young singers “Kumiry XXI Veka” (“XXI Century Idols”) as the best singer.

Timofeyeva, Galina Konstantinovna

Repin, Mikhail

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District

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