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Staraya Ladoga Rural Library, the

Susanino Rural Library, the

Svetogorsk Town Library, the
THE SVETOGORSK TOWN LIBRARY (31 Pobeda Street, Svetogorsk Town). The library was founded in 1945. Between 1985 and 1996 it was part of Vyborg centralized library network with the status of a branch. Since 1997 the library has been a structural... more

Syasstroy Town Family Reading Library, the

Taitsi Settlement Library, the

Tervenichi Rural Library, the

The Leningrad Oblast State Archive in Vyborg
LENINGRAD OBLAST STATE ARCHIVE IN VYBORG (LOGAV) (the town of Vyborg, 1 Shturm Street) Formed in 1940 as branch of Central State Archive of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Karelo-Finn Soviet Socialist Republic ; in 1951 renamed... more

The Vsevolozhsk Central Library named after Yu.G. Slepukhin
VSEVOLOZHSK TOWN CENTRAL LIBRARY named after Y. G. Slepukhin (Vsevolozhsk Town, 27 Vsevolozhsksky Prospekt). Opened in 1908, with V. I. Serdyuk, priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity, among its founders. After suffering the fire in 1909 was... more

Tikhvin Central Children Library, the

Tikhvin Central Town Library, the
THE TIKHVIN CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY (6, 4th postal area and 11, 3rd postal area, Tikhvin Town). The library was founded in 1927. Since 1977 it was in charge of the district centralized library network, since 2006 it has been the central library of... more

Tikhvin District Archive, the

Tikhvin Town Children Library, the

Tikhvin Town Library named after Ya.I. Berednikov
TIKHVIN TOWN LIBRARY named after Ya.I. Berednikov (50, 5th postal area, Tikhvin Town). The library was opened in 1954 and traces its history to the town public library, founded in 1890, which contained around 8,000 volumes from private collection of... more

Tosno Central District Library, the
THE TOSNO CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (27 Lenina Prospekt, Tosno Town). Free public reading library, from which Tosno Town library took over, was opened in Tosno Village by the Tsarskoye Selo Uyezd Committee of Trust on Public Sobriety . After the ... more

Ulyanovka Settlement Library, the

Ushaki Rural Library, the

Vartemyagi Rural Library, the

Vazhini Settlement Library, the

Vinnitsi Rural Library, the
VINNITSI VILLAGE LIBRARY (Vinnitsi Village, 64 Sovetskaya Street). The library was opened in the village before 1917 (the precise date of the foundation is unknown). Fom 1977 to 2005 the library was integrated into centralized library network as its... more

Volkhov Central District Library, the
THE VOLKHOV CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (17 Yury Gagarin Street, Volkhov Town). The supposed year of foundation is 1926 or 1927; the library was founded by Volkhov hydroelectric power station Construction Direction Culture-and-Educational Committee (in... more

Volkhov Central Town Library, the
VOLKHOV TOWN CENTRAL CHILDREN’S LIBRARY (Volkhov Town, 28A Lomonosova Street). Opened in October 1944, in 1957 the library was awarded the “Best Library in the RSFSR” diploma. It was one of the first to introduce open access for readers. In 1970s... more

Volkhov Children Library, the

Volosovo Central Town Library, the
VOLOSOVO TOWN CENTRAL CHILDREN’S LIBRARY (Volosovo Town, No 57 Vingissara Prospekt). Founded in 1944. First book request made by N. T. Muru. Its general-purpose fund contains 55,000 storage units. The library has about 3,000 readers, with 7,000... more

Volosovo Children Library, the

Voyskovitsi Settlement Library, the

Voznesenskoye Settlement Library, the

Vuritsa Settlement Library named after I.A. Yefremov
VYRITSA SETTLEMENT LIBRARY named after I.A. Yefremov (Vyritsa Urban Settlement, 35 Yefimov Street). Founded in 1944. Its general-purpose fund contains 25,000 storage units, with over 2500 members. The library organizes and hosts art and photo... more

Vyborg Central District Library, the
THE VYBORG CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (Vyborg Town, 4 Pionerskaya Street). Founded in 1940. First the library functioned only as a methodological centre, then in 1945 it started to work with readers. In 1979 it merged in the inter-regional... more

Vyborg Central Town Library named after A. Aalto
VYBORG TOWN CENTRAL LIBRARY named after A. A. Aalto (Vyborg Town, 4 Suvorov Street). The official opening day of the library is considered to be the year 1944, however, it has a long history. In 1806 there already existed a readers’ circle at... more

Vyborg District Children Library, the

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