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"Vestnik Oraniyenbaumskoy strelkovoy shkoli" ("The Bulletin of the Oraniyenbaum Infantry School"), a magazine

"Volkhovskiye ogni" ("Volkhov Lights"), a newspaper
"Volkhovskiye ogni" ("Volkhov Lights") (Volkhov Town, 26/3 Kommunari Street), social, political newspaper of Volkhov disrict and Volkhov Town. It was founded on 4 May 1919 as organ of uyezd committee of All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)... more

"Volkhovsky truzhenik" ("A Worker of Volkhov Town"), a newspaper

"Vostochny Bereg" ("The East Bank"), a newspaper

"Vremya" ("The Time"), a newspaper
"Vremya" ("The Time") (Kingisepp Town, 5 Teatralnaya Street), social, political newspaper. It was founded on 19 October 1920 as organ of Yamburg's Uyezd executive committee, it was called «Plough and Hammer», later on – as organ of district... more

"Vsevolozhsk vesti" ("Vsevolozhsk News"), a newspaper
"Vsevolozhsk vesti" ("Vsevolozhsk News")(Vsevolozhsk Town, 86 Oktyabrya Street ) social ,political newspaper of Vsevolozhsk district. It was founded in 1994, has come out since January 1995. The decision to publish a new newspaper ,which ... more

"Vuoksa", a newspaper

"Vyborg", a newspaper
«Vyborg» ( Vyborg Town, 9 Mira Street ), informational mass newspaper of Vyborg district. It was founded on 6 October 1940 as organ of district and city committees of All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) under the title «Viipurskii... more

"Vyborgskiye vedomosti" ("Vyborg Gazette"), a newspaper
"Vyborgskiye vedomosti" ("Vyborg Gazette") (Vyborg, 6 Sovetskaya Street),social, political newspaper. It has been publishing since February 1990, initially as «a newspaper of free economic zone», the project of which was not fulfilled.... more

"Znamya truda" ("The Flag of Labour"), a newspaper
"Znamya truda" ("The Flag of Labour") (3 Bank Street, Slantsi Town), a social and political newspaper of the Slantsi District. The newspaper was founded on February 12, 1944, straight away after the liberation of Slantsi Town from German... more

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