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"Entrée", a theatre

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“ANTRE” (“ENTREZ”), drama theatre (10, Lenina av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded in 1995 on the base of theatre department at Lodeynoye Pole Town Centre of Children’s Aesthetic Development (CCAD). Founder and creative director is A.A. Baidakov. In 1998 the theatre acquired a status of master company. Its repertoire includes plays written by Russian and foreign authors. The theatre troupe is regularly renewed due to the CCAD best graduates and students who join the staff. The theatre took part in international festivals in Sweden (1998), Lithuania (2000), Germany (2002), Latvia (2003). It was a prize-winner of the international festival “Volshebstvo Skazky” (“The Magic of Fairy Tales”) in Sochi (1999–2000), it was a participant of the IV International festival of amateur vanguard theatres and theatres-studios in Gatchina Town in (2004) and of the festival of plastique and drama “Vremya Letat’” (“It’s Time To Fly”) in St.Petersburg in (2006). The theatre took part in regional and oblast contests and festivals, including the VII oblast festival of amateur theatres “Igray, Teatr, Igray” (“Perform, Theatre, Perform”) in Volosovo Town (2005). The junior theatre group became a prize-winner of the VII International Briantsev festival of children’s creative works held in St.Petersburg in 2006.

Illarionova, Irina Nikolayevna

Baydakov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Lodeynoye Pole Town/Lenin Prospekt
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Volosovo Town

Лодейнопольский детский центр эстетического развития. URL:,

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Lodeynoye Pole Children Center of the Aesthetics Development
"Perform, theatre, perform", theatre festival

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