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Lodeynoye Pole Children Center of the Aesthetics Development

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“DETSKY TSENTR ESTETICHESKOGO RAZVITIYA” (“CENTRE OF CHILDREN’S AESTHETIC DEVELOPMENT”)(10, Lenin av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded according to a decree “O Reorganizatsiy Detskoy muzikal’noy Shkoly, Doma Detskogo Tvorchestva I Sozdaniy Detskogo Tsentra Esteticheskogo Razvitiya Lodeinopol’skogo Raiona ” (“About Reorganization of Children’s Music School, Children’s House for Creative Activities and Foundation of Lodeynoye Pole District Centre of Children’s Aesthetic Development”)№ 983 issued on November, 30 1992 by a mayor of Lodeynoye Pole District. Promoter is Culture Department under local authorities. Units of the Centre: Children’s Arts School and Children’s House for Creative Activities. Children’s Arts school was founded on the base of Children’s Music School functioning in Lodeynoye Pole Town since 1966. At present it numbers 28 teachers and about 300 students who study in three departments: music (100 students), choreography (150 students) and theatre (50 students). The School houses 6 children’s teams: junior and senior students’ choirs and song and dance groups, folk orchestra, children’s prize-winner song and dance group “Radost’” (“Joy”). On base of the Centre’s theatre department a drama theatre ”Antre”(“Entrez” )was opened. Children’s House for Creative Activities unites 4 departments: history and philology department (18 study groups), decorative and applied art department (8 study groups), ecology and biology department (3 schools) and engineering department (8 study groups and 1 club). The Centre houses a library.

Bazarova, Irina Aleksndrovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Lodeynoye Pole Town/Lenin Prospekt

ГОУ Лодейнопольский детский центр эстетического развития. URL:,

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