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Sovetskaya Street

Group name
Vyborg Town

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Ahrenberg, Johann Jacob (1847 - 1914), an architect
Ahrenberg, Johann Jacob (1847, Vyborg - 1914), an architect, writer, ethnographer. During 1870-1875 he learned at the Royal Academy of Free Arts in Stockholm. During 1876-1877 and 1879-1882 he was a teacher of Drawing and History of Arts at the... more

"Heather", Russian folk centre
“VERESK” (“HEATHER”), Russian Folk Centre (16 ,Sovetskaya st., Vyborg Town). It was founded in 1999 on the base of the same name folk group (organized in 1982). Since the day of foundation creative director has been Y.S. Liubitskaya. The main... more

"Vyborgskiye vedomosti" ("Vyborg Gazette"), a newspaper
"Vyborgskiye vedomosti" ("Vyborg Gazette") (Vyborg, 6 Sovetskaya Street),social, political newspaper. It has been publishing since February 1990, initially as «a newspaper of free economic zone», the project of which was not fulfilled.... more