Articles / Kudryavtsev, Nikolay Galaktionovich (1856 - 1941), an architect

Kudryavtsev, Nikolay Galaktionovich (1856 - 1941), an architect

Subject / Architecture/Personnel

Kudryavtsev, Nikolay Galaktionovich (1856 - 1941), an architect. Kudryavtsev graduated from the St. Petersburg Building College in 1877. He served at the Technology Building Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1877-1896). Не was a home owner, speaker of the St. Petersburg City Duma (Council) from 1887. He built tenement blocks and industrial buildings in St. Petersburg, country houses in Peterhof and Terioki (now it is Zelenogorsk). He designed the Church of St. John Theologian the Apostle (1914-1916; it was not survived and the parochial school at the Cheremenets Monastery of St. John Theologian (1903, it was not survived), the Cathidral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Luga Town. Nikolay Galaktionovich Kudryavtsev owned the estate of Vyodrovo (Kudryavtsevo) in the Luga Uyezd of the St.Petersburg Gubernia. He built the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vyodrovo estate (1907-1909).

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Luga Town
Historical Toponyms/Saint Petersburg Gubernia, the/Luga Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Vyodrovo, village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Zhemchuzhny, settlement

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