Articles / Makarov, Vladimir Kuzmich (1885-1970), a museum worker

Makarov, Vladimir Kuzmich (1885-1970), a museum worker

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Makarov, Vladimir Kuzmich (1885-1970), a museum worker, Doctor of Arts. He graduated from the historic and philological faculty of the St. Petersburg University. From 1917 V.K. Makarov worked as an assistant at the Hermitage Gallery of Art Jewelry. From June of 1918 he worked as a curator and from 1920 he became the Head of the Gatchina Palace-Museum. V.K. Makarov created a historic exposition of everyday life, a gallery of Russian historic portrait, published the bulletin "Old Gatchina". In 1922 Makarov was arrested for the short time, in 1926 the Worker and Peasant Inspectorate comission admited Makarov as "faithless". In 1928, when the campaign on the sale of museums' art treasures started, Makarov was dismissed and exiled into Cherepovets Town. Returned to Leningrad he worked at the Planning department of Leningrad City Soviet from 1932, from 1934 he worked at the Hermitage Western Europian Art department. During the Leningrad siege V.K. Makarov was the worker of the State Inspectorate of the Monuments Protection and the State Purchase Comission at the Arts Affairs Board. He prepared (together with I.K. Yanchenko) materials for the historical and art study of the Gatchina Palace-Museum and park. From the end of the 1940s Makarov was a worker of the State Public Library engraving department, the author of the Peter's time engraving catalogue (it was published after Makarov's death). V.K. Makarov together with A.N. Petrov wrote the basic work about historic and art monuments of Gatchina Town which was published in 1974. V.K. Makarov was the author of books: "Tsvetnoy kamen v sobranii Ermitazha" ("Stained Stone in the Hermitage Collections", L., 1939), Lomonosovskiye mozaiki" ("Lomonosov's mosaics", L., 1949), "Khudozhestvennoye naslediye M.V. Lomonosova" ("The Art Heritage of M.V. Lomonosov", M., L., 1950) and others.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Makarov, Vladimir Kuzmich
Petrov, Anatoly Nikolayevich
Yanchenko, Irina Konstantinovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

Фарафонова А. Владимир Кузьмич Макаров // Макаров В.Е., Петров А.Н. Гатчина. 2-е изд. СПб., 2006., С.270-277

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