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The Izhora Popular Museum. It was founded in the village of Vistino (the Kingisepp district) on October 1, 1993 at the building of the former primary school and with the help of the fishing kolkhoz "Baltika". Now the museum is under the culture department of the MO "Kingisepp District" Administration. The museum exhibition is devoted to the history and traditional culture of Izhora people (mainly, Soykinsky and Nizheluzhsky groups of Izhora lived in the district). National suits, traditional fishery tools, everyday life objects, photographs are presented in the exhibition. The museum holds great work on the local history to keep the memory about Izhora culture and to support the ethnic self-consciousness of Izhora. Most exhibits are the gifts of local inhabitants. Every year the exhibition are widened thanks to the entrance of new exhibits. The museum participated in organizing the celebrating of the Ivanov Day festival (see the article: "Yukhannus"); the Fisher's Day ( the traditional professional festival for most dwellers of the Soykinsky Peninsula; it is celebrated on the second Sunday of July). In 2004 the museum took active part in preparin and holding "The Izhora Festival". Every year the museum is visited by 1500 people from St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Oblast, Finland.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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