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THE KINGISEPP CHILDREN LIBRARY (Kingisepp Town, 4a Karl Marx Prospekt), it is the branch No 26 of town central library network. The Kingisepp Uyezd central children library has operated since the 1920s. After the city was liberated from the Nazi invaders, the library was reopened in 1946. At present the library’s fund contains 45,700 storage units, with 2930 members and 70,000 borrowings a year. The library organizes meetings with town’s prominent people, library auction contests, local history contest- trips “Po drevney yamburgskoy zemle” (Over the Old Yamburg Lands). According to the international project “The Gulf of Finland” the library organizes activities in order to promote environmental education for readers of different ages.

Abramova, Victoria Gennadiyevna

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