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OLONETS GUBERNIA, adm. and territorial unit in the North-West of Russia in the late 18th – early 20th century. Olonets Province (Oblast) was established in1773, with Olonets as its center. In 1776, the province was added to the new-established Novgorod Governorship. In 1782, the center of the province was relocated to Petrozavodsk. In 1784, Olonets Governorship was established in the status of a gubernia. Initially it consisted of six uyezds, Petrozavodsk, Olonets, Kargopol, Vytegra, Povenets, and Kem. In 1785, two more uyezds were formed, Lodeynoye Pole and Pudozh. In 1796, Olonets Governorship was canceled, and its lands were divided between Archangel and Novgorod Gubernias. In 1801 O. G. was established with seven uyezds, Petrozavodsk, Olonets, Povenets, Pudozh, Vytegra, Kargopol, and Lodeynoye Pole. The Gubernia bordered the Grand Principality of Finland in the west, Archangel Gubernia in the north and east, Vologda Gubernia in the south-east, Novgorod Gubernia in the south, and St. Petersburg Gubernia in the south-west. Its area was abt. 127,800 sq. km, and its population (acc. to the census of 1897) was 364,000. In 1920, lands with Karelian population were separated from O. G. where the Karelian Labor Commune was established (in 1923, transformed into Karelian ASSR.) In the late 1922, O. G. was abolished, and a part of it was incorporated in Petrograd (Leningrad) Gubernia. In the 19th and early 20th century, the current Leningrad Oblast comprised the lands of Lodeynoye Pole, Olonets и Petrozavodsk uyezds of O. G.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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Historical Toponyms/Grand Principality of Finland
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Памятные книжки Олонецкой губернии. Петрозаводск, 1857 - 1915
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