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OBONEZHYE, historic and cultural region in the north-west of the European Russia. It included lands around Lake Onega. A part of the state of Novgorod: written sources from the 12th century mention the Obonezhskaya Hundred as an adm. and territorial unit of Veliky Novgorod. From the late 15th century, information becomes available of Obonezhskaya Pyatina as the largest region of the Novgorod land. Its area was abt. 106,000 sq. m. In the mid-16th century, Obonezhskaya Pyatina was subdivided into the Upland and Trans-Onega halves. In 1708, the lands of O. became part of Ingermanlandia (later St. Petersburg) Gubernia, and in the 19th and early 20th century, they belonged to adjacent parts of Olonets and Novgorod Gubernias. Currently, the region of O. covers adjacent areas of the east of Leningrad Oblast, north-west of Vologda Oblast, and south-east of the Republic of Karelia. A feature of this regions is intense inter-ethnic interaction of the Slav and Baltic Finnish (Karel and Veps) population. It has nature reserve parks (e.g. “Veps Forest”), and preserved unique monuments of wooden architecture.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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"Vepssky Les" ("Veps Forest"), a park