Articles / Ionova, Nina Yefimovna, (1925-1995), a librarian

Ionova, Nina Yefimovna, (1925-1995), a librarian

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Nina Yefimovna IONOVA (1925 – 1975, Volkhov Town), library worker. In 1949 N. Y. Ionova graduated from Moscow Library Institute. From 1949 to 1975 she was in charge of Volkhov Town children library. Under her supervision the library won the title “The best USSR library” in 1958. In 1960s and 1970s the library offered open access to the shelves, developed the scheme of bibliographical search and realized the programme “Doshkol’nik. Kniga. Detskaya biblioteka” (Children of Preschool Age. Books and Libraries). One of the main priorities for N. Y. Ionova was reader guidance and pedagodical work with children and teenagers; she also wrote a range of articles and methodological programmes devoted to these issues. She was buried in Volkhov Town.

Kurakina, Maya Sergeyevna

Ionova, Nina Yefimovna

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