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Granovskaya, Nina Ivanovna (1917-2002), a museum worker

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Granovskaya, Nina Ivanovna (1917-2002), a museum worker, a researcher of A.S. Pushkin's life and work. N.I. Granovskaya was an honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation and the first honoured citizen of Pushkin Town. In 1947 she graduated from the Leningrad State University, from 1950 Granovskaya worked as a research worker of the Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin's House). During 1953-1981 Granovskaya worked at the All-Union Museum of A.S. Pushkin as a research worker, the chief curator, the Head of the exposition department. The museum permanent exhibition at the Church wing of the Catherine Palace (1967) in Pushkin Town was created with the participation of N.I. Granovskaya. She was the author of exhibitions of the unique museums of the Leningrad Oblast: "The House of the Station Master" in Vyra Village (1972) and "The House of A.S. Pushkin's Nanny" in Kobrino Village (1974). During many years N.I. Granovskaya was studing the memorial Pushkin's places and published books: "Esli ekhat vam sluchitsya…" ("If You Ever Go…", 1989), "Rod Pushkinikh myatezhny" ("The Mutinous Clan of the Pushkins", 1992), "Vmeste s Pushkinim: ot Tsarskogo Sela do Mikhailovskogo" ("Together with Pushkin: from Tsarskoye Selo to Mikhailovskoye Village", 1999). In 1999 N.I. Granovskaya was awarded with the Diploma of the Russian Culture Fund for the in-depth study and popularization of A.S. Pushkin's work.

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Granovskaya, Nina Ivanovna

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