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Lomonosov Town Museum of the Local History, the

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The Lomonosov Town Museum of the Local History (Lomonosov Town, 25 Yeleninskaya Street). The museum was founded on the base of the Battle Glory Room created by the local historian A.N. Burak at the District Community Centre in 1969. From 1990 it has been located to the contemporary address. From 1998 work the exhibition "Stranitsi istorii Oraniyenbauma-Lomonosova" ("Pages of the History of Oraniyenbaum - Lomonosov") including sections: "Stroitelstvo Ust-Ruditskoy fabriki" ("Building of the Ust-Ruditsky Factory"), "Istoriya Ofitserskoy strelkovoy shkoli v kontse XIX - XX vv." ("The History of the Officer Infantry School in the late 19th - 20th century"), "Semya Stravinskikh v Oraniyenbaume" ("The Stravinskys' Family in Oraniyenbaum Town"), ""Blokadnaya zima v Oraniyenbaume" ("The Siege Winter in Oraniyenbaum Town"), "Oraniyenbaumsky platsdarm v godi Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyni" ("The Oraniyenbaum Beachhead during the Great Patriotic War"); exhibitions: "Goroda-pobratimi g. Lomonosova" ("Twin Cities of Lomonosov Town"), "Rampovo" (the History of Ingermanlandia Finns), "Noviye postupleniya" ("New Acquisitions"). Lecturing on local history are held on the base of the museum, a centre organizing public lectures and a cinema hall work there. There are 4800 items in the museum funds. About 1400 people visit the museum every year.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Burak, Aleksandr Nikolayevich

Saint-Petersburg City/Lomonosov Town/Yeleninskaya Street

Музеи Санкт-Петербурга и Ленингр. обл.: Справ./Авт.-сост.: Ю.Б.Демиденко, Т.Н.Демиденко. СПб., 2002, С.111-112
Краеведческий музей г. Ломоносова. URL:, С.111-112

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