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Okhta River, the

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OKHTA (Finnish “bear river”), a river in the Karelian Isthmus, largest right-hand tributary of the Neva. Length: 90 km, width: – 30-40 m, predominating depth: 0.5-1 m, max. depth: 5.5 m. Basin area: 768 sq. km. Average flow rate at the mouth: 7.2 cu. m/s. Its source is on the southern slope of the Lembolovo Heights. Within Leningrad Oblast it flows in Vsevolozhsk District, and within St. Petersburg, from the Okhta flood plain (which appeared in the 19th c. after the construction of a dam at the Powder Factory) to flowing into the Neva opposite the Smolny. Its left-hand tributaries within the oblast are the Pippolovka River and the Kamenny and Kapraliev brooks, and its right-hand tributary is the Kharvazi River. The river valley is not clearly defined, and has no water-meadows. The bed is well-cut, low-meandering, 40 to 60 m wide in the lower reach. The banks are steep, 4 to 5 m high above the mean water level. The river bottom is even, formed by loams, and silty. Navigable for 8 km from the mouth only. Located on the banks of O. are the villages of Murino, Agalatovo, Lavriki, Kapitolovo, Enkolovo, Syargi, Vartemyagi, and Yelizavetinka.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

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