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Olenin, Aleksey Nikolayevich (1763/64 - 1843), an artist

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OLENIN, Aleksey Nokolayevich (1763 or 1764 – 1843), graphic artist, philologist, archaeologist. In the period 1774-80 he was brought up in the Corps of Pages. Later he studied at Dresden Artistic School, attended lectures on history and philosophy at Strasburg University. In 1809 he became an Honorary Member of St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In 1811 he became a director of the Imperial Public Library. In the period 1817-43 he was a president of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Olenin was a collector and an expert on antiquities; an author of articles on history, archeology, painting; an initiator of publishing of “Svod Russkikh Letopisey” (“Collection of Russian Chronicles”); an organizer of the first expedition of the Academy of Sciences for studying of early texts. Olenin made illustrations for the literary works written by G.R. Derzhavin, I.I. Hemnitzer, etc. Since 1790s Olenin’s home was well known as a hospitable salon “Noyev Kovcheg” (“Noah’s Ark”) visited by workers of art, science and high officials. In 1791 Olenin bought a plot on the Lubya River (modern Vsevolozhsk District). By 1799 Priyutino estate had been built, it soon became “a holy house of sciences, arts and literature” (ref. “Priyutino”, literary and artistic estate museum). The soul of the house was Y.M. Olenina, Olenin’s wife; when she died in 1838 meetings in Priyutino were stopped and the estate was sold. Olenin was buried in Tikhvin Cemetery in Alexander Nevsky Laura (modern Necropolis of Masters of Arts in Alexander Nevsky Laura ) in St.Petersburg.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Derzhavin, Gavrila Romanovich
Hemnitzer, Ivan Ivanovich
Olenin, Aleksey Nokolayevich
Olenina (nee Poltoratskaya), Yelizaveta Markovna

Topographical landmarks/Lubya River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District

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