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Edinoverie (E.), union of the Old Belivers with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) on the basis of the hierarchy obedience of the Old Belivers to ROC with preservation of the Old Belivers order of services and ceremonies which were formed before the reforms of the middle of the 17th century (a sign of the cross made with two fingers, the Znamenny chant etc. ) The beginning of E. was in 1783, Metropolitan Gavriil (Petrov) was the active figure of this movement, the first Edinoverie church was opened in St Petersburg in 1799. The First All-Russian Edinoverie Congress took place in St Petersburg in January 1912. In 1917 the first Edinoverie hierarch Simon (Shleyev), bishop of Okhta (he was killed in 1921 later he was canonized in 2000), was presented. In the Eparchy of St Petersburg, outside the capital, the Edinoverie parishes were organized mainly in places where the significant Old Beliver (priestless sect) population lived during the rule of Emperor Nicholas I, in the first instance parishes were organized in the Novaya Ladoga Uyezd. In 1917 six Edinoverie churches worked including three churches in the present Volkhovsky District. The oldest churches - the Nikolskaya Church in the village of Nemyatovo (the Volkhovsky District ) and the St Pantaleon Church at the cemetery in Tikhvin – were reconstructed from the wooden Old Beliver churches accordingly in 1849 and in 1854. The Nikilskaya Church was rebuilt in the middle of the 1870s ( architect М.А. Schurupov), the St Pantaleon Church was re-opened in 1902. The Petropavlovskaya Church (it was built in 1621, it was closed in 1840) , in the village of the same name in the Volkhov River, was re-opened as the Edinoverie church in 1851. In 1899 the Edinoverie Church in the name of the Icon of the Virgin Mary of the Don was built in the village of Selischi (the Boksitogorsky District), In 1902-1905 the Church of St Demetrius of Thessalonica was built in the village of Bor (the Volkhovsky District; architec К.G. Reztsov), in the late 19th century the Church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker was built in the village of Kubasovo in the Luzhsky Uyezd (the present Pskovskaya Oblast). In the end of the 1930s all Edinoverie churches, with the exeption of the Nikolskaya Church, were closed (in 1936 in the village of Bor, in 1939 in the town of Tikhvin) and destroyed, the clergy were repressed. The Nikolskaya Church (the church building is preserved ) did not work from 1935, it was closed in 1941, in 1944-45 the belivers petitioned for the opening of the church but fruitlessly. The church in the village of Kubasovo worked during the occupation period from the autumn of 1941 to October 1943, then it was closed. From the 1990s the parish of the Nikolaskaya Church works in St Petersburg also the parish of the wooden chapel of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God works in the village of Pavlovo.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich
Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Gavriil (Petrov), metropolitan
Nicholas I, Emperor
Reztsov, Konstantin Grigoryevich
Shchurupov, Mikhail Arefyevich
Simon (Semyon Ivanovich Shleyev)

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/1-oye Nemyatovo Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Bor Village
Historical Toponyms/Saint Petersburg Gubernia, the/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Pavlovo Urban Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Boksitogorsk District/Selishche Village (of Bolshedvorskaya Volost)
Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town
Topographical landmarks/Volkhov River, the

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