Articles / Bezpalov, Innokenty Fyodorovich (1877 - 1959), an architect

Bezpalov, Innokenty Fyodorovich (1877 - 1959), an architect

Subject / Architecture/Personnel

Innokenty Fyodorovich Bezpalov (1877–1959), an architect, artist and sculptor. From 1898 to 1910 Bezpalov learned (with breaks) at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He worked in Krasnoyarsk, Tver, Vyshny Volochek, in the Ukraine, in Finland. In St. Petersburg Bezpalov designed and built the house and workshop for the sculptor Z.V. Marina (1908), the building of the People Arts School (joinly with N.Ye. Lansere), a block of flats of the Tver Flat Owners Company (1914-1916, it was built joinly with I.A. Pretro) and others. He created the monument "To Research Experiments" ("The Monument to a Dog") in the garden of the Experimental Medicine Institute on Aptekarsky Island, monuments at the Literary Men plot of Volkovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg. In the 1910s I.F. Bezpalov built the Church of SS Peter and Paul (according the project of the architect V.A. Pokrovsky), apartment houses, the building of the Common Centre, exhibition pavilions (they are not intacted) on the territory of the Shlisselburg gun powder plant (now it is the urban settlement named after Morozov, Vsevolozhsk district). He designed buildings of the biological station laboratory (1929-1932), cottages (the 1930s) and other constructions of the scientific town in Koltushi (the village of Pavlovo, Vsevolozhsk district), monuments - busts of Ch. Darwin, R. Decart, D.I, Mendeleyev, L. Pasteur, I.M. Sechenov.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bezpalov, Innokenty Fyodorovich
Lancere, Nikolay Yevgenyevich
Marina, Z.V.
Pokrovsky, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Pretro, Ippolit Aleksandrovich

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Pavlovo Village
Neighbouring Territories/Tver City
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Urban Settlement named after Morozov

Исаченко В.Г. Иннокентий Безпалов // Зодчие Санкт-Петербурга. XIX – начало ХХ века. СПб., 1998, 924-933

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The Church of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul (the village named after Morozov, Kirovsk District)