Articles / Bernstam, Leopold Adolfovich (Leopold Berngard) (1859 - 1939), an artist

Bernstam, Leopold Adolfovich (Leopold Berngard) (1859 - 1939), an artist

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Leopold Berngard (Leopold Adolfovich) Bernstam (1859-1939), a sculptor. He learned at the Drawing School of the Arts Encouragement Society and at the Academy of Arts (during 1877-83, as an irregular student). From 1885 Bernstam worked in Paris. He came to russia for making orders. He was the author of about 300 portraits of cultural workers, scientists, politicians, busts and monuments, sculpture on classical and biblical topics. The most famous monuments are the monuments to Peter I: "Peter I Is Kissing Infante Louis XV" (1902, in the Low Park of Peterhof; it was not intacted), "Peter I Is Rescueing Drowning People in Lakhta in 1724", "The Tsar - Carpenter" (1909 and 1910, in Admiralty Embankment in St. Petersburg; they were dismantled in 1918; a replica of "The Tsar - Carpenter" was installed in Admiralty Embankment in 1996). In 1910 the monument of Peter I made by Bernstam was installed on Petrovskaya Hill in Vyborg (see the article "monuments to Peter I").

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bernstam, Leopold - Berngard (Leopold Adolfovich)
Peter I, Emperor

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Petrovsky Mountain

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