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EXHIBITION HALLS. Trere is a wide network of exhibition halls, opened at the museums, Houses and Palaces of Culture, city and district libraries, in the Leningrad Oblast. Since April 1979 Exhibition Hall at Slantsi Town local history museum has been operating. During this period more than 200 exhibitions, displaying items from the museum funds as well as from the funds of Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Danish, Norwegian and German museums, have been held. Since April 1991 applied art exhibitions are held in the Exhibition Hall at Tosno Town local histiry museum. Since January 25, 1994 Exhibition Hall at Kirovsk Town (1,Pionerskaya st.; Culture Preserve "Proryuv Blokady" ("Breach of Blockade") Branch) has been arranging theoretic and thematic, art and applied art displays, photo exhibitions showing items from the funds of St.Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russian and foreign museums. Seminars, Scientific Conferences and meetings with veterans take place here as well. Exhibition Halls are also opened at V.V. Nabokov's memorial estate "Rozhdestveno Village", Sosnoviy Bor Village modern art museum, State Museum "Vyborgsky Zamok" ("Vyborg Town Castle"), Ivangorod Town history of architecture and art museum, etc. In 1999 the Leningrad Oblast Government Exhibition Hall "Smolny" (3, Smolny st., SPb.) was opened. It is situated in the building of a former Smolny Institute (boarding school for gils from noble families) (1765-75; arch. Felten Y.M.), in the choir room. The Exhibition Hall houses modern art exhibitions, the Leningrad Oblast and North-Western Region museum exhibition projects. Exhibitions are organized by the State Culture Institution "Muzeinoye Agenstvo" ("Museum Agency"), St.Petersburg Culture Committee, the Leningrad Oblast Government. In some cases exhibitions firstly held in the Exhibition Hall "Smolny" are displayed in the Leningrad Oblast Towns afterwords. Also seminars, meetings, conferences and round tables are arranged here.

Morozova, Yelena Aleksandrovna

Felten, Yuri (George Friedrich) Maqtveyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Kirovsk Town/Pionerskaya Street
Saint-Petersburg City/Smolny Street

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Exhibition Hall "Smolny"
Ivangorod History Architecture and Art Museum
"Rozhdestveno", a museum-estate of V.V. Nabokov
Slantsi Museum of the Local History, the
Sosnovy Bor Art Museum of Modern Arts, the
"The Break of the Leningrad Siege", a museum-reser
"The Museum Agency", a State Culture institution
Tosno Museum of the Local History, the
"Vyborg Castle", the State Museum