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Okhotnichy Palace (Hunter's Palace), the

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The Okhotnichy Palace (Hunter's Palace) (In the settlement of Lisino-Korpus of the Tosno District). "The Hunter's House" (or "the house for placing coming guests") was built in 1853-1858 in the complex of the state forest dacha, all constructions was designed by N.L. Benois. The composition and decoration design of the palace are original and it has traits that anticipate the modern style. Rooms (a study, bedroom, valet's room and others) are located around the central hall with two tiers of windows. While the palace interior decoration was being made, it has occurred the necessity to enlarge palace which is already finished. Therefore the two-storyed building was built, it was connected with a hall-gallery with the palace. Photographs of the Hunter's Palace interiors were published in the magazine "Niva" of 1885. In a court diary 87 visits of Alexander II to the Hunter's Palace in the village of Lisino were described. From 1931 the building was used as a forest experimental station, then till our days the Forestry Engineering Academy students hall of residence has been placed there. The interior decoration is lost, the palace is in need of making restoration.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Alexander II, Emperor
Benois, Nikolay Leontyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District/Lisino-Korpus Settlement

М.И.Бартенева. Николай Бенуа. Л. 1985, С.84-90
Зотова А. Лисино и его обитатели. URL:,

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