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THE GOSTILITSI VILLAGE LIBRARY (Gostilitsi Village). The present-day village library took over from free library for peasants and their children that was open in Gostilitsi Village in 1896 on the initiative and with financial support of T. B. Potyomkina. The library was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, then restored in 1944. Since 1793 it has been part of Lomonosov District centralized library system with the status of filial branch. The fund contains 15,000 storage units, with over 1,000 members and 12,000 visits annually. The library runs “Gostilitskaya masteritsa” (Gostilitsi Craftswoman) hobby group and offers an extensive range of books on cottage industry. It has become centre for revival of traditional cottage industry as well as venue for exhibition and fairs of cottage industry.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

Potemkina, Tatyana Borisovna

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