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Kazutova, Lyubov Afanasyeva, (1899-1984), a librarian

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Lyubov Afanasyevna KAZUTOVA (1899 – 1984), Communist Party worker, from 1947 to 1961 she was the director of the Leningrad Oblast Universal Science Library (LOUSL). Since 1919 she worked as a Communist Party and Soviet Government functionary in the city of Tsaritsyn (Stalingrad), then in Leningrad. In 1931 L. A. Kazutova graduated from the Soviet department of the Communist Institute named after I. V. Stalin, and in 1953 she got a degree at Leningrad State Library Institute named after N. K. Krupskaya. In 1947 she was among those who organized community donations of books for the libraries of the Leningrad Oblast in the process of their reopening after the Great Patriotic War, attracting the attention of the public through wide use of the media. She also initiated the first in the postwar period review of work of district and village libraries of the Leningrad Oblast, held in 1955. In 1947 – 1957 L. A. Kazutova founded the system of traineeship at LOUSL. Owing to her effort the library moved in the new premises in Kirillovskaya Street in 1950.

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Kazutova, Lyubov Afanasyevna

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