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Velkota, village

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VELKOTA, a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 47. In the environs of V., on a part of an Ordovician limestone table land, there is the “Velkota Village Groves” State integrated natural reserve (area: 375 hectares) preserving oak, elm, and shrubs and herbaceous plants typical for broad-leaved forests. The reserve harbors wild boar, roe deer, yellow-necked mouse, hedgehog, tawny owl, green woodpecker, marsh chickadee, nuthatch, blackbird, goldfinch, and grosbeak. In the 18th – early 20th cc., the Blok family, ancestors of poet A. A. Blok, had an estate there. Remains of the house and stable have survived, as well as the park (a part of the reserve) with springs and waterholes, the sources of the Velkota (Velkotka) river.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Blok, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Bloks, the

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