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Oredezh River, the

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OREDEZH, river, right-hand tributary of the Luga River. Length: 192 km. Catchment area: 3,200 sq. km. Flow rate: 20 cu. m/s. It originates from the springs on the southern slope of the Izhora Hills, in the Dontso tract. It flows across Volosovo, Gatchina, and Luga Districts of Leningrad Oblast. In its upper reach, the banks of O. are mostly steep and covered with coniferous and mixed forests. In its middle reach, O. has broad floodplain meadows, and in the lower reach it gets wider, forming Lake Antonovo and Lake Khvoilovo. Main tributaries: Orlinka, Suida, Kremenka. Located on the banks of O. are Torkovichi settlement, Yam-Tesovo village, Siversky and Vyritsa urban settlements, and Vyra village, which are popular summer residence places. Several hydro powerplants were built on O.: Daimischenskaya (1946), Siverskaya (1954), Rozhdestvenskaya (1954), Belogorskaya (1951), Vyritskaya (1959), Nizhneoredezhskaya (1957). They are currently inoperative, with their dams existing. Located on O. are the Dontso terrain feature , an integrated natural monument, and several geological natural monuments: Devon outcropping on O. at Belogorka settlement (Gatchina District) and near Yam-Tesovo (Luga District.) Near Borschovo village (Luga District) on the shore of Lake Antonovo, there are Borschovo catacombs, i.e. caves formed as a result of quartz sand production.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna
Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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