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THE LUGA TOWN CHILDREN LIBRARY No 1 (1 Naberezhnaya Street, Luga Town). The history of the library can be traced back to two libraries that functioned in the town: Library for Children and Youth named after N. A. Nekrasov (1910s) and Luga Central Children Library (1920s). During the Great Patriotic War the library’s fund (numbering for the time 28,000 items) was fully destroyed. After the war the library was restored, and from 1948 to 1977 it was called “Library named after the 30th anniversary of YCL (Komsomol)”. At present its fund numbers 31,400 items, with 2600 readers and 64,500 loans a year. The library offers a wide range of documents and materials on local history for children (card-indices, albums, reference system), which was started by Y. A. Gorodnyaya in 1960s. It has a unique for a children library fund “Putevoditel’ po Luge” (The Luga Guidebook) published in 1909. The library runs audio journals “Jekologicheskiy vestnik” (The Environmental Informer), “Gorod, v kotorom khochetsya zhit’” (The City You Want to Live In), “Puteshestviya po staroy Luge” (Travels round the Old Luga), as well as “Local History Fridays” and distance excursions “Luga arkhitekturnaya” (The Architectural Features of Luga Town).

Yegorova, Lyubov Borisovna

Gorodnyaya, Yekaterina Arsentyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Luga Town/Naberezhnaya Street

Мухина Н.М. Работа с читателями в Лужской детской библиотеке / ЛОДБ. – Л.,1966. (Из опыта работы библиотек Ленинградской области. Вып. 3)
Хрисанфов В.И. Незнакомая Луга. - Луга, 2005, С.153

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